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Terms and Conditions

By signing up you check the box which confirms you have read, understood, and agree to these terms and conditions and acceptable use of the site. These also include Nominet's (the uk registry) terms and conditions

Upon a domain successfully being caught for you an invoice will be sent on the same day or, in the case of an auction, upon completion of the auction. You are expected to settle the invoice within 3 days maximum or face account suspension and/or losing the caught domain.

Tag Change/Transfer
We are not a public facing registrar - ie we don't manage domains nor provide any method of doing so. As such, when payment is received and if we do not need to do a registrant transfer, you agree to change the IPS tag to a registrar of your choice as soon as possible. You will receive weekly reminders of any tag changes outstanding and also whenever you log in to your account you will be directed to do so where necessary. If you have not changed tag a year later when the domain is due for renewal we will not autorenew the domain for you and it may be lost to somebody else. Our service to you ends when the domain is caught and the invoice is settled.

We do not take any responsibility for applications rejected by Nominet due to incorrect information or any loss of domains at a later stage due to anything outside of our control. You are expected to sign up with valid registrant details for domain registration and, if necessary, deal with any detail validation that Nominet ask for. We are also not responsible for non-catching of domains or non-allowance of backorder.

Suspension and Deletion
We reserve the right to suspend your account on the request of the registry (Nominet) or non-payment of invoices. For any other account suspension reasons we will notify you of those reasons. We can also refuse accounts and signups for any reason. However in such a situation the person signing up will usually be informed. We have no obligation to provide free accounts.

Auction Catching and Multiple Tags
Having multiple tags with individual quotas is a breach of Nominet's terms and they would never allow it. As such anyone who signs up, to use their tag to catch for ukbackorder auction, is assumed to have been vetted by Nominet and approved. We have no say in their policies, methods, or approval system. If Nominet bring to our attention any incidents of multiple tag ownership we reserve the right to suspend or terminate any, or all, of the tags involved - an explanation email will be sent. We are not reponsible nor liable, nor will we be held accountable, for Nominet's decisions now, or in the future, nor for anyone breaching their agreements. This applies to tags signed up for auction catching and you will be asked to acknowledge this during sign-up. If there are any issues by anyone with any of the tags chasing for auction they are requested, not to contact us but, to contact Nominet directly. We will always adhere to their decisions.

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