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17th Jul 19:08:18User 508£6601
17th Jul 19:08:18User 474£6555 (Automatic)
17th Jul 18:58:35User 508£6500 (Automatic)
17th Jul 18:57:28User 474£6311 (Automatic)
17th Jul 18:57:17User 508£6000 (Automatic)
17th Jul 18:56:33User 474£5777
17th Jul 18:55:46User 508£5523 (Automatic)
17th Jul 18:55:46User 474£5522
17th Jul 18:55:00User 508£5413
17th Jul 18:55:00User 474£5412 (Automatic)
17th Jul 18:45:16User 524£5200
17th Jul 18:44:48User 474£5100
17th Jul 18:44:48User 524£5000 (Automatic)
17th Jul 16:09:24User 498£5000
17th Jul 16:09:08User 524£4501 (Automatic)
17th Jul 16:09:08User 498£4500
17th Jul 16:08:50User 524£4101 (Automatic)
17th Jul 16:08:50User 498£4100
17th Jul 06:43:10User 524£4001
17th Jul 06:43:10User 498£4000 (Automatic)
17th Jul 02:08:18User 524£3500 (Automatic)
13th Jul 15:03:09User 295£3000 (Automatic)
13th Jul 15:02:51User 524£3000
13th Jul 15:02:37User 295£2501 (Automatic)
13th Jul 15:02:37User 524£2500
13th Jul 00:55:23User 295£2223
13th Jul 00:55:23User 474£2222 (Automatic)
12th Jul 17:09:56User 295£2000 (Automatic)
12th Jul 15:30:06User 474£1525 (Automatic)
10th Jul 13:04:58User 295£1500 (Automatic)