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Note: Since 1st January 2023 we no longer accept Bitcoin or Ethereum payments
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How it works

If a UK domain (co.uk, org.uk, me.uk, .uk) you want is already registered but due to expire you can backorder it with us.
We will then poll it until it becomes available and try to register it on your behalf.

No Catch - No Fee

It costs nothing to place a

UK domain backorder

Simply sign up for a free account and place your order.
If we don't catch the domain you're after you don't pay anything.

Fast and Successful

Our software is lightning fast and housed on powerful servers.
It has caught thousands of domains giving you the best chance of catching the domain you want.

UK domains from only £50

If we catch a domain, and you have the only backorder, the domain is automatically yours.
If there are multiple backorders there is a quick 3 day auction between the people who backordered.

See our FAQ for more detailed information

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