Enter a UK domain to backorder
What is the basic process for backordering?

After you have created an account and logged in you will need to create at least one registrant for any backorders you catch. You can then place backorders on whichever domains are in the drop cycle. At backorder time you set a minimum price you are prepared to pay. The higher this price, the more priority the catch will be given and, the higher your chances.

If yours is the only backorder placed there will not be an auction. The domain will be allocated to you at the backorder bid you placed.

Otherwise, on a successful catch the domain is put into a fast 3 day auction with the earliest bid or the highest minimum bid being the starting bid. Anyone who did not backorder the domain cannot take part so be sure to get your FREE backorders placed to have a chance. At the end of the auction the highest bidder wins the domain.

Why is a domain not available to backorder?
Domains that are not within the dropping cycle, you have already backordered, or have otherwise been marked by us, are not available to backorder.
What are auction passes?
Whenever you pay an invoice for a domain you are awarded one auction pass. This gives you the opportunity to enter any auction, where you didn't have a backorder, later on. Once a pass is used it cannot be recredited and, until you use your pass to enter an auction, you will have no idea what the current bidding price is.
Can I bid on a backordered domain auction that I didn't backorder?
If you did not place a backorder, and the domain is at our auction, you can enter only by using one of your auction passes (see above) if you have any. Without an auction pass you cannot take part in an auction for a domain you didn't backorder. So be sure to place your FREE backorders for any domain you are interested in. Of course if there was only one backorder for the domain it's automatically awarded to whoever placed the backorder regardless of any auction passes you hold.
What are the auction increments for a caught domain?
If you placed the only backorder there will be no auction - the domain is yours. However in the event of an auction the increments are:
Price BracketIncrements
Up to £1000£5
When do auctions finish exactly?
All auctions will finish at a random time of up to half an hour after the final known bidding time. Nobody knows the exact end time, not even the auction owner. This is to discourage sniping as a bidder can never be sure that their bid will be the final one. It is recommended that, if you haven't done so, you place the maximum you are prepared to pay before the close.
Why are auctions marked as private?
Auctions are only visible for anyone taking part in the domain auction. This stops everyone not related to the backorder knowing the sale price as well as stopping search engines from indexing the data. If you want to see how an auction progresses place a backorder in advance.
Can I remove a backorder?
You can remove a backorder up to 2 days before the domain drops. After that in the case of a mistake or other reasons email us as soon as you can and we will do whatever we can to help resolve any issues. Don't place orders for domains you might not want.
How do I transfer a domain I've won to my own registrar?
It is important that you understand this answer to avoid problems with other registrars. If you have any questions or doubts contact us at info@ukbackorder.com and we'll guide you through the best process.

Once caught the registrant details will not be in your name. They will be in the name of the catching tag. As such you can do a free tag change but you will be responsible for changing the registrant details after you have changed tag. Some registrars do it for free, others charge a fee. This is not our responsibility and once a domain has left our tag there is nothing further we are able to do with it. Do not perform a tag change until you know how you're going to deal with the change of registrant details.

As a general rule, unless you control your own tag it is unlikely you can change the registrant details yourself. For example if you use godaddy, 123reg, gandi, namecheap etc you will have problems if you just change the tag and will spend a lot of time with their customer support.

If you wish to do a full registrant and tag change at the same time via nominet, contact us and let us know the email address to initiate transfer to. You will receive instructions from nominet on how to proceed and will be subject to a fee of £10 + vat (payable to nominet - not to us). They typically complete the whole transfer process in less than an hour.

Note: some people have had problems in the past due to not understanding the transfer procedure. If you change the tag of a domain some registrars have a problem ascertaining ownership and, although you can resolve this by contacting them, it can cause unnecessary delays. If in doubt request a full transfer.
What is the drop cycle for a uk domain?
When a domain expires there is a period of expiry, then of suspension, and finally it drops. Once a domain is marked as renewal required its nameservers will stop resolving and it will become available to register, ie drop, 92 days after the expiry date. A registrant can renew the domain any time during that period. Although the day of drop is known the time is random from the registry. We therefore poll the registry constantly throughout the day and attempt to register it the millisecond it becomes available. On rare occasions a domain doesn't drop on the date expected due to unknown registry reasons. When this happens nobody gets the domain - we do not chase domains out of the drop cycle.
Why can't I sign up from a free email provider?
Any problems in the past with non-payers and potential shill bidders have mostly come from free email addresses. These are too easily created and 'disposable'. Also, even though we use a reputable and powerful third party email sender, there have been instances in the past of free addresses erroneously marking messages as spam. People are less inclined to try to cheat the system via a traceable email address.
Why must I create a registrant to backorder?
The information for the registrant is the information that will appear on the invoice for a catch. This is NOT registrant details for the domain - they will be in the name of whichever catcher caught it and will need to be changed afterwards (see above).
How are invoices sent and how do I pay?
Invoices are sent on the day a domain is caught in the event of no other backorders, or after the auction ends in the case of multiple backorders, and they contain a link to payment. You can also pay via your account.
What is the transaction currency?
All transactions are in GBP sterling (£)
Is there VAT chargeable?
No VAT is charged to clients outside of the EU.
If you live in an EU country you will be charged VAT at the local rate of 18%.
When creating a registrant you can enter a valid EU VAT number, if you have one, and the VAT will be reverse charged, ie zero and not payable to us.
Are there any hidden or extra charges?
Not to us. However if you need a nominet transfer you will have to pay them (not us) £10+vat for their transfer fee.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, google pay, and apple pay, via our payment gateway Stripe. We also accept BACS/Bank Transfer on request. Please bear in mind it can take a few days for money to arrive via bank transfer. We cannot accept bank transfers from some countries in Asia so, if this may apply to you, please contact us first.
Security Capabilities and Policy for Transmission of Payment
Payment of invoices via credit card are made directly to Stripe via a provided SSL encrypted secure link.
We do not gather, store, or have access to any credit card details.
How long before an invoice has to be settled?
Invoices must be settled within 72 hours. Domains cannot be changed to another registrar until after payment has been effected. In the event of non-payment your account will be terminated and the domain kept or sold on. In cases of an auction payment the domain may be offered to the next highest bidder, auctioned again, or kept on our tag, or otherwise sold on.
We can be contacted via email at info@ukbackorder.com for general queries. Complaints or reports of abuse will be responded to within 5 business days.
Nominet Information
The below information is not to be used with any queries about our services. These links are provided if you wish to correspond with the uk registry (nominet) about our tag (UKBACKORDER).
Nominet terms and conditions
Nominet Registrar Complaints
What is your postal address?
2 Santa Margherita,
Triq il-Gjacinti,
San Gwann,
SGN 1321
Our Tag Information
Although we are not a public facing registrar with domain control panel or management, and you are expected to change the tag of any successful catches immediately, we will inform you 30 days before a domain is due for renewal if it is still on our tag.
Public Auctions
Are you not running any more public auctions?
Running free public auctions was costing money in time for support, queries, refereeing disputes, time taken to verify statistics etc. As such public auctions have been discontinued. There is a new recommended service at Flip.uk - please note the site is is no way affiliated or associated with ukbackorder.
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