Frequently Asked Questions
UPDATED: What is the basic process for backordering?

After you have created an account and logged in you will need to create at least one registrant for any backorders you catch. You can then place backorders on whichever domains are in the drop cycle. At backorder time you set a minimum price you are prepared to pay. The higher this price, the more priority the catch will be given and, the higher your chances.

Important: If your minimum bid is £1000 or over there will be NO AUCTION. The domain will be automatically allocated to whoever made the highest minimum bid when the domain drops. If you are not known to us you may be asked for a refundable deposit.

Also if yours is the only backorder placed and it is caught by our tag, MELITAWEB, there will not be an auction - the domain will be allocated to you.

Otherwise, on a successful catch the domain is put into a fast 3 day auction with the earliest bid or the highest minimum bid being the starting bid. Anyone who did not backorder the domain will have to pay a non-refundable fee to enter the auction so be sure to get your FREE backorders placed to avoid an entrance fee. At the end of the auction the highest bidder wins the domain.

Why is a domain not available to backorder?
Domains that are not within the dropping cycle, you have already backordered, or have otherwise been marked by us, are not available to backorder.
How do backorder auctions work?
If a domain is caught, and is eligible for auction, there will be a three day auction starting from the day of the catch. All people who placed backorders will be notified. The opening bid will be £50 and the bidder will be the first person who placed the backorder. Any further bids will be in increments of at least £10 After a price of £1000 bid increments are £25, after £3000 - £50, after £5000 - £100. At the close of the auction an invoice will be raised and, once settled, the domain can either be tag changed to a tag of your choice, for free, or a nominet transfer initiated at the buyer's expense. Important: If you did not place a backorder on the domain but wish to join the bidding you will be required to pay an entrance fee. Place your backorders to avoid this - it's FREE.
Can I bid on a backordered domain auction that I didn't backorder?
Everyone who placed a backorder for a domain, that is eligible for auction, can bid on it for free.
If you didn't place a backorder you can enter the auction in it's entirety for free if you are the second bidder. After two bidders are in an auction there will be a non-refundable entrance fee of £5 to anyone who didn't backorder the domain. This is charged whether the auction is won or not and is a one time fee for that auction only.
As it is FREE to place a backorder it is suggested you get your backorders in advance to avoid this fee. This only applies to caught domains - not public auctions.
When do auctions finish exactly?
All auctions will finish at a random time of up to half an hour after the final known bidding time. Nobody knows the exact end time, not even the auction owner. This is to discourage sniping as a bidder can never be sure that their bid will be the final one. It is recommended that, if you haven't done so, you place the maximum you are prepared to pay before the close.
Can I track an auction?
As well as a pair of binoculars that can be easily toggled next to the domain on the main auction page, at the top of the auction listing is a button that enables you to track/untrack the auction. Emails will be sent to you every day the auction is going on letting you know the bid status. You will also receive a reminder shortly before the end of the auction. You don't have to be taking part in the auction to receive the emails.
Can I remove a backorder?
No. You will be prompted before a backorder is placed but, once agreed by you, you cannot remove it. In the case of a mistake or other reasons email us as soon as you can and we will do whatever we can to help resolve any issues. Don't place orders for domains you might not want.
What is the drop cycle for a uk domain?
When a domain expires there is a period of expiry, then of suspension, and finally it drops. Once a domain is marked as renewal required its nameservers will stop resolving and it will become available to register, ie drop, 92 days after the expiry date. A registrant can renew the domain any time during that period. Although the day of drop is known the time is random from the registry. We therefore poll the registry constantly throughout the day and attempt to register it the millisecond it becomes available. On rare occasions a domain doesn't drop on the date expected due to unknown registry reasons. When this happens nobody gets the domain and credits are refunded - we do not chase domains out of the drop cycle.
Why must I create a registrant to backorder?
The information for the registrant is the information that will appear on the invoice for a catch. In the case of a domain being caught by the tag MELITAWEB and you having the only backorder, these are the details that the domain will be registered with.
Do I need a new or different registrant for each domain?
No. You can use one registrant to backorder all your domains or you can create more than one registrant if you wish to catch multiple domains with differing invoice details or for different people.
Why do I get an error when trying to create a registrant?
Although every step has been taken to make sure registrant creation is simple, the process can occasionally fail after a refusal from the registry. This is usually caused by an invalid postcode or having only numbers for the address 1 field. If an error continues and you think all details are correct please contact us with the information you are using and we will manually create a registrant account for you.
How are invoices sent and how do I pay?
Invoices are sent on the day a domain is caught in the event of no other backorders, or after the auction ends in the case of multiple backorders, and they contain a link to payment. You can also pay via your account.
Do you charge VAT on invoices?
No. There is no vat payable on outstanding amounts.
What payment methods do you accept?
Currently we accept payment via paypal. You are able to use all major credit cards even without having an account there. We also accept BACS - after an auction please contact us for bank details. For domains over £2000 we can arrange escrow (buyer covers costs) or a direct bank transfer.
How long before an invoice has to be settled?
Invoices must be settled within 72 hours. Domains cannot be changed to another registrar until after payment has been effected and in the case of an auction payment the domain may be offered to the next highest bidder.
We can be contacted via email at for general queries. Complaints or reports of abuse will be responded to within 5 business days.
Nominet Information
The below information is not to be used with any queries about our services. These links are provided if you wish to correspond with the uk registry (nominet) about our tag (MELITAWEB).
Nominet terms and conditions
Nominet Registrar Complaints
What is your postal address?
2 Santa Margherita,
Triq il-Gjacinti,
San Gwann,
SGN 1321
Our Tag Information
Although we are not a public facing registrar with domain control panel or management, and you are expected to change the tag of any successful catches immediately, we will inform you 30 days before a domain is due for renewal if it is still on our tag.
Public Auctions
What is the difference between a 'Caught' auction and a 'Public' auction
Domains that are backordered with us may go into a quick 3 day auction. Our caught auctioned domains do not belong to members of the public and are therefore not subject to the same eligibility (see below) as our auctions.
How do public auctions work?
Anyone who is eligible can list their domains for public auction. There CANNOT be a reserve or starting price set in order to keep the market liquid. All opening bids must be at least £50. Any further bids will be in increments of at least £10 After a price of £1000 bid increments are £25, after £3000 - £50, after £5000 - £100. At the close of the auction the buyer and seller are notified and their contact information passed to each other. It is expected that the transaction is settled within 7 days. If a transaction is not completed contact us and we will do our best to mediate a resolution. If however either side reneges in the sale they will have their accounts deleted, be banned from any future signups and auctions, and suffer the everlasting torture of an uneasy conscience ;) In the event that a buyer is at fault the seller will have the option to sell to the next highest bidder but is under no obligation to do so.
When do auctions finish exactly?
All auctions will finish at a random time of up to half an hour after the final known bidding time. Nobody knows the exact end time, not even the auction owner. This is to discourage sniping as a bidder can never be sure that their bid will be the final one. It is recommended that, if you haven't done so, you place the maximum you are prepared to pay before the close.
Are there any limits on my auctions?
You can only have 3 auctions running at the same time. This is to prevent the site being overcluttered. You can however bid on as many auctions simultaneously as you wish. You also cannot list a non-selling domain until 7 days after your previous attempt or a domain purchased at ukbackorder for 28 days. This serves to keep the site fresh and auctions varied. ALL public auctions are bound by the same rules - you cannot set a reserve price or an opening bid price. All domains you sell will start at £50 and you will be expected to honour the final price. If you do not wish to accept that risk do NOT list your domain. In our experience auctions always find their level anyway but some people have unrealistically high expectations and therefore this is probably not the venue for them.
Are there any fees?
After an auction there are NO fees to us whether you are the buyer or seller. If there are any transfer fees the buyer is expected to cover them (currently £10+vat payable to the registry, not to us or to the seller). In most cases sellers will agree to a free tag change or, if they are able, will update the registrant details for free. They are under no obligation to do this though and you should talk to them afterwards about this. However as a buyer keep in mind that this fee may apply at the end. The seller is expected to sell domains inclusive of any other charges such as VAT. This keeps everything simple for the buyer and prevents extra charges being added on at the end.