This is a sealed bid auction. This means you will not know if your bid is the highest until the auction ends.
This auction is for the .uk only
Expiry Date : 6th July 2020
Only accepted payment methods :
Bank Transfer
Bidding Ends: 20th Nov 17:00 (2 days 12 hours 39 minutes 24 seconds)
Minimum Entry Bid: £20
In a sealed bid auction you cannot see anyone else's bid so make sure you bid what you wish to pay.
At the end of the auction the person who placed the highest bid will be the domain winner.
In the event of multiple high bids of the same value the domain will be awarded to the person who bid first.
You can increase your minimum bid later should you wish to - the increase will be the new bid time.
There is no point waiting until the last minute, in fact the earlier you enter your bid the better.
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