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.UK Nominet Release
From 1st July to 5th July Nominet will be releasing unregistered UK domains to registrars. If you wish to place a backorder on any of those domains you can do so by adding them in the box below, 1 per line, with or without the .uk extension.

Note however we will NOT be taking backorders for any 1 or 2 character domains and some of the more common 3 letter domains. Competition for these domains will be extremely fierce and we wish to concentrate on more attainable domains. If your backorder is not accepted it will not be added to your list. Obviously domains not being released will not be chased.

The minimum price for a backorder is £50. However you can edit your backorder once placed to make the price higher if you wish - the higher the price the more priority we will assign to catching it. If a domain is caught and you have the only backorder you pay the price you have chosen (or the default £50) and the domain is yours. If however more than one person backordered the domain it will go to a 5 day auction with either the first backorder or the highest price as the opening bid. Note these auctions will not start until 10th July.

You will NOT be able to remove any backorders or change bids after 23:59 28th June

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